A new group of collection, an elegant project, of strong and bravepersonality...
The new sofas define the environment and the style of our daily life.

The story of Felis beds is a story spanning decades and one of a quest to explore stylish beds in a creative and contemporary way, without forgetting the pull of tradition. It is a tale of an artisan’s eye for even the finest detail; elegant, without compromising on practicality.

A post-modern design, a linear product with luxurious, but not ostentatious, references

A collection of sofa beds inspired by the felis expertise and quality, for enriching the home environment with beauty, comfort, quality and warmth: day and night.

From the modern design... to the contemporary style

Emotional, rational, socially responsible: a new concept of sofa, based on the principles of sustainability and ethics

A designer sofa, but comfortable at the same time, perfect for decorating your  home

More space to relax