Beds assembly instructions

Watching this video discover how is easy to make your bed and the innovative system "ALZALETTO"
Felis BedStories - Tiffany

9 bands of soft fabric intertwine
on the headboard in a colorful meshwork.
Felis Experience - James

Comfort in motion, more sofas in one, relaxation evolves and adapts to you and your comfort

Felis Experience - Roy

A single sofa with 5 different identities depending on the armrest
Felis Style - Fred

Let lightness dominate your living room thanks to Fred
Felis Contract

Do you need large customized supplies?
New stain-resistant fabrics

... And the stain flies away!
Felis design sofà

YOUNG by Felis

Young.....una nuova strada per il futuro all' insegna di una creatività senza limiti nel rispetto dell'ambiente