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In an era of stylistic experiments like ours, among the most daring proposals that are still capable of surprising, an aesthetic current has marked its boundaries so well, in the world of design, that it is not affected in the least by the simultaneous attack of the various trends seasonal. The living room loves vintage. The elegance of the Scandinavian minimal, the velvety colors in the most elegant tones of the Sixties and Seventies periods, some Victorian inspiration alternating with the Pop aesthetic, together with tributes to the industrial design of the Twenties.

This is not a mix and match at the level of interior design but an eclecticism of styles that has led to lines that we define as timeless, albeit capable of telling the modernity of modern taste. Furthermore, they are not reissues of projects already in production but cutting-edge design that describes the real trend in terms of sofas and seats. A sophisticated allure that wants elegant lines without tinsel, with textile details

The contemporary design dedicated to the living room is the perfect meeting between artisan excellence and advanced technology, in terms of production and materials. The result is excellence in the field of furniture that offers elegance expressed in customizable projects thanks to modularity - the Starman line byArketipo Firenze - and collections that allow you to create the most suitable type of seat for your living room, such as the Larson line by Felis .