Larson on Cose di Casa

On the March issue Larson is the sofa recommended by the architect for the living room.

Sophisticated design, fine fabrics and exceptional comfort. These are the pluses of the new Larson sofa by Felis which contributes to creating a total wellness experience.

The view is satisfied by the elegance of the lines, the impeccable wearability of the fabrics and the wealth of unique details, such as the perimeter bar in metal painted with epoxy powders (an exclusive Felis) and the very original terminal.
The feet end in fact with a chromed knurled insert with non-slip rubber.

To all this is added a truly unique relaxation: with Larson, the comfort experience remains constant. The soft cushions in channeled feather always remain in shape and the large seats never break down, thanks to the anti-slip fabric and the zips that anchor them to the backs.