Gaber, one of the fashion beds of 2018

Choosing the bed is a matter of style, it is appropriate to say "to each his own" because a few furnishings can be as personal as our bed. This furniture, voted to be our privileged corner of relaxation, has gone through the different trends in recent years: from canopy rather than with a storage compartment. But you know, fashions change and so we decided to take stock of some of the modern proposals on "beds". Recurring theme among the latter models is the headboard of the bed that is a bit 'higher, is increasingly padded, to give maximum comfort when you read or work at the computer.

Start with these phrases the article of entitled: "Sweet sleep .... the trendy beds". Our Gaber bed from the Bedstories # 2 collection has also been selected, which has struck to become a true protagonist of the night environment, with a wraparound headboard with terminals, ideal also in the middle of the room.